When it comes to keeping your facility in exceptional condition, quality means working with a company that will ensure things are done according to plan, specifications, and to code and building requirements. While some companies try to get by doing as little as possible, others possess a dedication that leads them to give it their all on a daily basis.
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Creekside Builders legacy of excellence, trusted reputational quality work, and commitment to their customers separates them from the rest. Clients have peace of mind knowing they can trust them with some of the most complex, budget and schedule driven projects.
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Our Track Record

A satisfied customer is one who will continually rely on your services, seldom shop around, and will refer others because of their positive experience with you. A true advocate for your business validating quality of service and work you provide. Creekside is truly honored to have customers such as this.
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Creekside Commercial Builders

Creekside Commercial Builders has extensive project experience and a track record of on time, on budget projects. We never start a job without first fully understanding your needs. A thorough analysis of your project needs and expectations, at the beginning of a job, can save substantial time and money over the course of construction.  We will not compromise on the quality of our service and we will deliver more than you expect.

Our commitment to safety, quality, and our customers is engrained in everything we do. Without a strong commitment to these areas, Creekside wouldn’t be the company it is today. 

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Creekside Facility Services

24-Hour Service

Available for our customers day and night in case of a major event including, but not limited to: power failures, mechanical breakdowns, flooding, roof leaks, and window damage which can cause disruption in the daily workflow. Or for the more minor matters like small electrical repairs, plumbing issues, and small leaks.   

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General Repair Services

  • Doors and hardware
  • Access control
  • Ceilings and walls
  • Flooring and tile
  • Fencing and railings
  • Furniture/work station modifications and relocations

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HVAC Services

  • Maintenance
  • Repairs and upgrades

Tenant Services

  • Painting and texturing
  • Drywall repairs
  • Flooring replacement
  • Carpet, tile, VCT, sheet vinyl, and/or other materials
  • Large or small repairs, interior or exterior
  • Tenant improvements
  • Lighting repairs or enhancements

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Electrical & Lighting Services

  • Electrical troubleshooting and repairs
  • Emergency lighting installation and repairs
  • Wiring installation, retrofit, and repairs
  • Panel and sub-panel installation
  • Site signage installation and repairs

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Roofing & Weatherization

  • Gutter and downspout cleaning
  • Inlet drain clearing and cleaning
  • Repairs around HVAC and rooftop equipment
  • Sealing and weatherization
  • Storm damaged area repairs

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  • We had tenant improvements done by Creekside and Diane Williams over the past year at our office. We had an overall good experience both with our initial construction 4 years ago and the most recent expansion project. After the construction was completed, we had several items that needed to be addressed from our punch list which was complicated by Diane’s departure from your company. Mike Crawford was the person that was put in charge of helping us address those punch list items and he was absolutely fantastic to work with. He made our issues a priority, provided excellent subs to come and do the work , and was out here several times personally to address our issues promptly and professionally. I cannot say enough about the positive impression we have of him personally and professionally. Just like to give credit where it is due. I hope we do not have any further issues with our construction, but it is sure nice to know Mike is out there to take care of us is needed.

    Dr. Richard Lichti | Placer Private Physicians
  • Joel and Mike, I would personally like to make a special thank you to you both for producing a wonderful end result. While the project faced obstacles and unforeseen delays with plan approvals and permitting etc., you always had a positive attitude and were always courteous, professional and responded appropriately to inquiries and concerns. Along with their own finishing touches (furniture and artwork), the client user group is also thrilled with the finished product. Many thanks!!

    Ann Watson | Sacramento Planning Unit
  • It was a pleasure working with Creekside Commercial Builders.  Their team was very professional, and stayed on top of the details.  They brought the project in as promised, and the finished office space looks great!

    Carol Little
  • Creekside Builders has worked with Gateway Community Charters on many projects and has always completed them on time and within the budget. Their professionalism and detail oriented approach to the construction projects we’ve done has been exceptional. I know when they are on the project that it will be completed with the same care they would have if they were working on their own business offices or homes. I highly recommend Creekside for any sized project; great or small they will perform the same and get it done right the first time.

    Jerry Little
  • Creekside is a top-notch contractor that anticipates and resolves issues and problems before they arise. The Creekside team was constantly looking for value engineering opportunities and never looked to substitute inferior materials or cut corners. Every person in the organization is professional, efficient, and enjoyable to work with.

    Matt Boyer
  • I never figured that in the build out of our new office that the actual building of the space would be the easiest part. Though with Dave and his outstanding team the actual build-out was easy compared to buying the space, architecture, etc. The team at Creekside were outstanding with communication, staying on time (and on budget), and outstanding quality. Thank you!

    Dan Martin
  • Creekside Commercial Builders is a premier general contractor that I have had the pleasure to work with over the past five plus years. Working on projects from concept to completion can be challenging and CCBI has always been up for the challenge. CCBI employees are creative individuals that understand each project and are looking for ways to keep all parties involved for a successful project completion. It has been my experience that CCBI always has the best interest of their client in mind and looks out for the clients’ interests no matter what it may be. CCBI is a team player and has always created value in every project they have done for me. I would highly recommend CCBI for your project

    Bud Schiveley
  • I had the great pleasure of working with Creekside on a very large and complicated project to house the State of California’s historical artifacts and other services. This project contains many micro climates and special areas in order to process and store the rare collections of California’s history as well as providing office space. They have integrity in all that they do, pay attention to detail, follow up quickly and provide great customer service! The completed projects reflect their expertise in construction and construction management. I highly recommend Creekside as they are a class act of which I hope to have the pleasure of working with again in the near future! After working with several contractors in my career, Creekside is my first choice of a contractor company to work with.

    Judy Trocha

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